The Stable Sessions DVD + CD (Vol 1)


Live in studio solo performances of Daithi Songs from the now famous Irish series 'The stable sessions'



The Stable Session captures Daithi’s passion for songwriting and performing in this very intimate recording of his music. This collection of songs are just some of the gems that Daithi has written over the past 25 years and is sure to leave you wanting to hear more.

Tracks 1-13 on CD & DVD:

01. Stop
02. I Landed On My Feet
03. A Happy New Year
04. Before We Leave
05. Go Then
06. Zaventem My Girl
07. Causeway
08. Vanna’s Blue Laces
09. You Be The Judge
10. 50 Years
11. Commander In Chief
12. Deja You
13. The Harvest

DVD Bonus Tracks

01. Broken Piano
02. The Kings of Kilburn Highroad
03. Risen