Stuff That Works (The Home Demos)


A series of cover versions of songs from American songwriters, recorded at Daithi's home studio and mixed/mastered to a high level



Recorded in my flat in Gent, Belgium in the summer of 2013.


01. Stuff That Works (G. Clark / R. Crowell)
02. Branching Out (J. Gorka)
03. Rhinestone Cowboy (L. Weiss)
04. She Belongs To The Rain (T. Pacheco)
05. Wooden Horses (G. Clark)
06. The Cape (G. Clark)
07. It’s A Hard Life Wherever You Go (N. Griffith)
08. Broken Piano (T. Pacheco)
09. Who Killed Davey Moore (B. Dylan)
10. Every Part Of Me (S. Earle)
11. That’s How Legends Are Made (J. Gorka)
12. Who’s Gonna Build Your Wall (T. Russell)